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Music Trivia For Music Fans!

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Music Trivia At It’s Best!

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ATTENTION: Music Trivia For Music Fans!

Music Trivia… is a music appreciation members site that offers intriguing  music trivia for music fans who love great music and high quality entertainment.

Here you will find…

Great Music Trivia For Music Fans!

Impress your friends at parties, develop a deeper knowledge of the superstars and how they got to the top of charts – PLUS, Enter Our Members Sweepstakes & Contests and WIN FABULOUS PRIZES!

We are developing fascinating music trivia for various genres of music including:

’50s Rock & Roll Music Trivia

’60s British Invasion Music Trivia

’70s – 90s Classic Rock Music Trivia

Superstars of Today & Music Yesteryear Trivia


Features & Benefits of IMT Membership! is developing four very unique membership levels for our members:

  • Free

  • Gold

  • Platinum

  • Triple Platinum

Our goal is to create an online social experience for people who love music and want to know more about top entertainers, recording artists and music industry insiders.

We are dedicated to bridging the gap between entertainers, recording artists, music industry insiders and their FANS!

“INSIDE” the IMT Members area you will find a whole array of music related elements, such as; Artist Interviews – Music Trivia Q&A – Social Media Channels – AND MUCH MORE!

Never before has anyone considered putting together such an online community that offers so much for people that are passionate about the music they love.

As our Free, Gold, Platinum and Triple Platinum membership levels evolves we will be:

*  Adding Exclusive Video Interviews With Leading Recording Artists!
*  Host Live Online Conferencing With The Stars of Yesterday & Today!
*  Member & Celebrity Social Media Interaction!
*  Games, Apps, Contests & Fabulous PRIZES!
*  The Latest Music Industry News from Billboard & Cashbox Canada! ~
Our Source of U.S. Music Industry & Trivia ~
Our Source of the Canadian Music Industry & Trivia

~ Music Trivia ~
It’s All About What You Know Can Help!

Music Trivia at

Enter To Win Sweepstakes & PRIZES!

Depending on what membership level you select we will be creating exciting sweepstakes and contests for our members to win such prizes as:

*  Free Music Downloads
*  Entire CD Downloads
*  DVD Downloads
*  Cash Sweepstakes
*  Music Related Accessories & Apparel
*  Concert Tickets
*  Exclusive Online Celebrity Conferences
*  Entry Into The IMT Hall of Fame
*  Concert Get Away For Two
*  And a Whole Lot More!

And, that’s just a tip of the iceberg.  We have some very exciting surprises in store for our members in the very near future!

Free Membership

As an IMT Free Member you will have access to 30 interviews of various artists conducted by Mr. Randy Curry, the creator and executive director of

More audio interviews will be added as time goes on.  Polls will be taken to find out who our Free Members want to be interviewed.  So, you can find out more about the artists and people in the music industry.

As a Free Member you will also have access to our ever growing library of Music Trivia Questions & Answers!  These same music trivia questions will be used for our exclusive “INSIDER CONTESTS!”

This comes in handy when we launch brand new sweepstakes and contests for quick references and can increase your chances of winning!

Lastly, but certainly not least, is our “Secret Sauce” – The Social Communities.

We are setting up an assortment of Social Media Channels to accommodate all of our members.  Currently IMT is developing the following Internet Social Media Environments:

*  Facebook
*  YouTube
*  Twitter
*  LinkedIn
*  Blogs

An IMT Free Membership is a great place to get started and to get a feel for what is to come.  So, go ahead – Join Right Now by simply registering at:

It’s Absolutely FREE!  

Gold Membership!

The IMT Gold Membership Level is the first paid level of membership at only $4.95 per month. This is where the music trivia questions and answers start paying off! Gold Members are eligible for Cash Prizes and other music related stuff.

Becoming a Gold IMT Member
Will Make You Eligible For Such Things As:

*  Cash Give Away Sweepstakes!
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*  Music Related Accessories!
*  Special Events!
*  Access To Everything In The Free & Gold Areas!

This ultra affordable membership level is a great place to start.  We even offer an Affiliate Program whereby with just a few members who sign up as a Gold IMT Member you can end up with your Gold Membership being paid back to you.

With just a little work you can even build a nice monthly residual income.

Platinum Membership

The IMT Platinum Membership Level offers even more by including everything in the Free, Gold & Platinum Membership Areas for only $9.95 per month. This IMT Membership is the gateway to Online Celebrity Conferences! Things really start picking up momentum at this membership level.

Joining or Upgrading to Platinum
Makes You Eligible For:

*  BIGGER Cash Give Sweepstakes!
*  Live Online Celebrity Conferences!
*  Live Simulcasts!
* And Much More!

Triple Platinum Membership

The IMT Triple Platinum Membership level is our “ULTIMATE” Membership Level!  This membership level is geared toward people who attend concerts and music events regularly. This membership level rises the bar and offers something that absolutely no one else has ever offered their members before.

Joining or Upgrading To Triple Platinum
Makes You Eligible For:

*  Our BIGGEST Cash Give Away Sweepstakes!
*  Exclusive Online Celebrity “INTERACTION” Conferences!
*  Concert Get Away For Two Contests
*  Luxury Cruises With Leading Entertainers!

Every membership level of IMT earmarks 50 percent of all income generated from our members goes back to our members in the form of contests and sweepstakes!

The cost of the Triple Platinum Membership Level is a very cost of $97 per month and includes a guarantee of every single Triple Platinum Member to become a “WINNER” through the course of each month!

We are working closely with some of the biggest entertainment industry “INSIDERS” to frequently send the winners of our “Concert Get Away For Two” contests to a luxury hotel/casino for the time of their life!

The Concert Get Away For Two Contest includes:

*  Luxury Hotel Accommodations
*  Concert Tickets
*  Backstage Passes
*  VIP Seating
* And, $250 – $500 SPENDING MONEY!

IMT can only accommodate a certain number of Triple Platinum Members, so get on the list right now at:

… and we will notify you of upcoming conferences whereby you can invite guests and have them sign up through your affiliate link to literally end up with your entire membership fee paid back to you.

You could even build one heck of a monthly residual income with just a few people who sign up as a Triple Platinum through you.

The IMT Affiliate Program

Everyone loves telling their friends about special events and happenings.  But, no likes to “SELL” anyone anything.

We are developing some very nice online training and marketing tools for our affiliates to help them end up with their IMT Membership FREE!

And, to help our affiliates even earn a very nice monthly residual income.

Go check out our Affiliate Page at:

That’s A Wrap!

So, There You Have It!  As a life long music trivia enthusiast, music fan, songwriter and performer I have always enjoyed giving back to those that have supported me in my musical endeavors and I knew that would be the perfect platform to share my many blessings.

After all, what’s the point without a little – MUSIC TRIVIA!

Music Trivia At It’s Best!

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To learn more about the creator of go to:

We’ll See You There On The “INSIDE!”

Where You’ll Find Music Trivia For Music Fans…

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