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  • Tom Lodge: Author of “The Ship That Rocked The World!”
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Founder:  Randy Curry

Randy Curry: Audios & Videos
InsiderMusicTrivia.com Co-Founder

Born October 1953.  Randy learned to play the guitar at 7 years of age from his father, Mr. A.M. Curry.  He was influenced by members on both sides of his family.  Playing musical instruments and singing were a big part of family get-togethers.

February 9, 1964 was the turning point in Randy’s life.  The live performance of The Beatles became the cornerstone of his passion for music.

Randy played music all through high school with the band “Liquid Blue.”

Clifford Hughes, Randy and Randy’s brother Danny Curry performed after football games, teen-town dances and nightclubs in Northeast Oklahoma, Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri.

Through the years Randy has written music in many musical genres: Classic Rock, Country, Blues, R&B, Pop and Symphonic arrangements that the Liquid Blue continue playing locally.

Randy decided to create an online music industry website.  It has now become a reality.

To date interviews with Tom Lodge, the author and Dj aboard “The Ship That Rocked The World” (Radio Caroline), Louise Harrison, sister of The Beatles lead guitarist George Harrison, Hal Blaine of the famous music hit maker studio musicians known as “The Wrecking Crew” that did most all of the major hits of the 1960s, Charlie Gracie, early Rock & Roll artist with the hit, “Butterfly” and MANY MORE!

Randy has held the position of CEO & Executive Director of Cashbox Magazine, worked with international music publications such as Cashbox Canada, Cashbox Country 411 and EMG (Entertainment Music Group) and is preparing for an International launch January 2013.

Besides being a BMI Performing Rights Association Member, Randy has copyrighted and performed over 400 songs he has written to date and belongs to numerous music organizations including CMA and many others.

With Randy’s Internet technology skills and passion for music – our plan is to interview the veterans of the music sound world in both audio and video formats.

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