Kinds Words of Appreciation From Our Guests & Friends!

Every since the idea of InsiderMusicTrivia.com came into being we have been met with open arms and great enthusiasm for what we constantly strive to share with everyone who loves and believes in all styles and forms of music to sooth the soul and touch the heart.

Below you will find testimonials of those who have joined IMT on this wonderful musical journey.  Enjoy!

Tom Lodge:

DJ of “Radio Caroline” of the 1960s
and author of the amazing book…
“The Ship That Rocked The World!”

“Thank you Sandy.  Randy and I had a wonderful interview.  I apologize for my impatience.  This sickness is some times too much.  But thank you Sandy, for your help and understanding.  Love Tom.”

Email sent from Sandy Graham, Cashbox Canada

“Thank you Randy for that promotion.  I trust it will increase your membership.  You did a very professional interview.  The book and signed photograph are both on their way.”

Love and blessings,
Tom Lodge.
Email from Mr. Tom Lodge to Randy Curry


Al Bruno:

Legendary studio & touring artist,
and program director for Dick Clark!

Hey Bud,
I am very excited to be a part of this.  I think it has all the potential of being successful. Thanks for making me part of this.
Luv ya,

Email sent from Al Bruno to Randy Curry of IMT

Brodie Lodge:

Son of Tom Lodge

Songwriter & Performer
“Son of Tom Lodge”


Thanks I’ve joined and loved what I heard, and am very gratefully for you and Sandy,s work here, in honoring my father,I have heard about the annual award, in fact the last time I saw my father he told me about it and was happy to tell me.

Please keep me posted, if I can help let me know.

Brodie Lodge

IMT Facebook Message to Randy Curry of IMT