Module 2: Artist Interviews
Calvin Armour
Exclusive Audio Interview
Bio from the pen of Calvin Armour
Greetings Everyone,
My name is James Calvin Armour. I have carried the dream of being a performer of music since I was 17, which was 38 years ago. It was not possible to shake off that original desire, though life tried to in many ways. I have raised a family and I am still married with children.  My living has been made as a salesman, painter and an artist. I am grateful to now be given the chance to debut my music to the world. I truly hope and look forward to a lasting career, believing it is what god intended for me.
My passion for music has been a lifelong feeling, when I was just 2yrs old I would carry around my ukulele and try to sing. At 8yrs old I remember singing camp songs and watching the debut of The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show, and thinking that’s it that is what I want to do when I grow up. As a child I was greatly influenced by traditional southern gospel hymns and church songs. My grandmother introduced me to God and the former by taking me to church and old fashioned tent revivals. The next great influence in music I can recall is being 10yrs old,  watching an Elvis movie and thinking that having black hair must be how he gets all the girls. After that I   begged my mom to dye my light blonde hair, black.   When I looked in the mirror at my shockingly black hair, I was mortified and had my mom give me a crew cut. At 15, Folk, Classic rock and Pop music came into my life, as well as wanting to play the guitar. After a little practice I was able to play a few songs. Soon thereafter, I became very active in my youth and church choir, high school choir and of course the Christian Rock band I had with the dudes all became my priority. Music helped me find my identity and gave me a better self-image as well as increasing my knowledge and confidence. In high school I learned to read music and harmonize, by listening to the guys in my section that were more knowledgeable and talented. It was also my first introduction to classical music as well. In my junior year of high school, I was voted most musical and most talented by the student body. The Christian rock band I was in got to tour the south eastern states, once we were good enough, I loved it.  After high school I studied music as a voice major at UCF in Orlando, Florida on a partial scholarship. At UCF I performed in a couple of musical plays with the drama department and had a four piece guitar and vocal band after school, doing all original material.
From the beginning until now the dream remains. I have continued to write and sing as much as possible throughout the years, playing in coffee houses, open mics, churches, a prison, weddings, the rehab house ,nursing homes ,living rooms ,parties,  contests, parks, schools ,the practice room and recently the homeless outreach close to where  I’m living . Music is a medicine that can educate, motivate, calm and heal.
I want to give thanks to God for my life, my family for leaving everything they knew in Florida to move with me to Nashville and to Bruce Elrod at Cash Box Records and Magazine for a chance to let me shine.
Much thanks, James Calvin Armour