Module 2: Artist Interviews
Dick Flood

Dick Flood, a.k.a. Okefenokee Joeis an accomplished songwriter, performer and environmentalist.

In the early Fifties, honorable discharged, after serving with the US Army in Korea and the Philippines, under his given name of DICK FLOOD, he teamed up with an Army buddy, Billy Graves, and formed a musical duo, ‘THE COUNTRY LADS’. In the mid Fifties they became regulars on the JIMMY DEAN CBS Network TV show out of Washington DC and recorded for COLUMBIA RECORDS.

Later, in the early Sixties he lived in and worked out of Nashville, TN as a Singer/Songwriter, and had several chart recordings of his own as an artist: ‘The Three Bells’ on Monument, ‘The Hellbound Train’, ‘Another Stretch of Track’, and ‘King or a Clown’ on Epic, and ‘Speak My Name’ on Nasco. His songs were recorded by Roy Orbison, George Hamilton IV, Anita Bryant, Cil Turner, Kathy Linden, Billy Grammer, Porter Wagener, Moon Mulligan, and others of that era. George Hamilton IV’S version of Dick’s song “Gee” went to #1 in the Pop and Country charts. His most successful song, “Trouble’s Back in Town”, recorded by The Wilburn Brothers, and voted # song of the year of 1962 by both Cashbox and Billboard, put his name forever in THE NASHVILLE COUNTRY MUSIC HALL OF FAME.

He was a frequent guest on THE GRAND OLE’ OPRY, THE FRIDAY NIGHT FROLICS on WSM, and the ERNEST TUBB RECORD SHOP after the Opry on Saturday nights.

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A Little Bit of Sunday Every Day

This Night of Peace

All through the sixties he carried his own show, “DICK FLOOD AND THE PATHFINDERS”, playing US Military Bases all across the US, Europe, the Far East, Labrador, Newfoundland, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, and the Virgin Islands. In the States he toured with many grand Ole’ Opry and other Country Music Road Shows, acting as the MC, and introducing the headline acts. He and his band often backed the artists on the shows.

In the early Seventies, led by his deeper beliefs, and feeling a much stronger calling, DICK FLOOD left Nashville. He “Disappeared” into the Great Okefenokee Swamp, a beautiful seven hundred and fifty square mile wilderness area in Deep Southeastern Georgia. Some years later, he reappeared. A man with a new attitude, a new purpose, and under a new name began to play a different and more important and exciting role in life. He was now know as “OKEFENOKEE JOE”.

With his ‘hands on’, experiential knowledge of wild animals and wilderness survival, combined with his earlier show biz’ know how, he introduced to Georgia a new, unique and exciting form of edu-tainment. Still writing and performing songs, but with a different more meaningful message. His music is now dedicated to helping all of us gain a better understanding, and a more positive attitude towards all life on Earth. He calls it “SWAMPWISE” MUSIC!! It’s COUNTRY with a different subject matter.

His unforgettable “EARTH DAY EVERY DAY” show consists of Reptiles, Songs, and Stories from “The Land of the Tremblin’ Earth”.

In the Eighties he narrated and hosted several Georgia Public Television Documentaries. His Emmy-Award winning “Swampwise’ show and several others are still aired on GPB and other PBS affiliates four or five times a year, and even after all these years are still some of the most requested shows GPB has ever produced. His DVD ‘Know Your Snakes’ is used extensively by hospitals, military bases, schools, and libraries all across the country.

He has produced four CDs containing forty-five of his original songs on his own Independent Record Label, Cowhouse Island Records, (the name of the Island on which he lived in the Okefenokee Swamp). His most recent CD, “Disappearing Faces”, was recorded at Muscadine Studios in Macon, Georgia, and was engineered by Paul Hornsby, famous producer of several Marshall Tucker and Charlie Daniels hits. Members of the old Capricorn Records band play back up, making it a truly awesome recording!

His 2010 Christmas wish to the world is a CD Single entitled “This Night of Peace”. A DVD of the song is up on YouTube for the whole world to see. The CD can be sampled and digitally downloaded on line through CdBaby, iTunes, Amazon, etc. Copies of the CD and the DVD packaged together may be purchased along with all of his music at his website,

Today OKEFENOKEE JOE tours the South performing his renowned “‘EARTH DAY EVERY DAY” presentation at Festivals, Fairs, Museums, Colleges, Public & Private Schools, Libraries, Wildlife Expos, Native American Function, and other various events.


Again, this Facebook is set up & monitored by the staff of the real Legendary Okefenokee Joe & is a way for a direct message to reach Joe … all others are just Fan sites & have no direct link to him.

For his schedule check Events here & for more info, bookings or to purchase CD’s & DVD’s go to



2)Swampy the Dog (Skeeter the Cat & Me)

3)The Wintertime Truce

4)Ole Tusker

5)Frog Gigging

6)Spring is Coming

7)September Rain

8)I Love Summertime

9) The Hazards of the Trade



1)An Eagle When It Flies

2)Masters of the Sky

3)Ole’ Tusker

4)Why Do gators Bellow

5)Ole’ Black Bear

6)If It Wasn’t for the Rain

7)Jonas & the Bear

8)That’s How A Gator Has Fun

9)It’s Only a Tree

10)Grandpa’s Song

11)Hangin’ Around My Pond

12)I Saw the Eagle Cry

13)Walk With Me



1)Disappearing Faces

2)That’s my Home

3)Nothin’ But a Cat

4)An Eagle when it Flies

5)Ole’ Joe the Turtle

7)If You Don’t Need It, Leave It

8)Keepers of the Earth

9)How I Love That Song

10)Walk with Me



1)That’s Where I Fit In

2)Grandpa’s Song

3)Wolf Spoken Message

4)How The Wolves Would Howl

5)Earth Spoken Message

6)Keepers of the Earth

7)Earth Spoken Message

8)If You Don’t Need It, Leave It

9)Eagle Spoken Message

10)The Eagle and the Boy

11)Everglades Symphony

12)Condor Spoken Message

13)The Condor Rides the Western Gate

14)Dade Battle Spoken Message

15)There’s Gonna Be A Party In Wahoo Swamp Tonight

16)Hold back The Waters

17)Earth Spoken Message

18)I Saw The Eagle Cry

19)Earth Music


DVD: Know Your Snakes VOL 1 & VOL 2 together ON ONE DVD!