Module 2: Artist Interviews
Kristi Miller

Kristi Miller an up and coming country music recording artist from Kentucky.  Mr. Bruce Elrod, President of Cashbox Magazine, was completely taken with the style of music and stage performer that he persuaded her to join the Cashbox label.

Exclusive Audio Interview With Kristi Miller

“The greatest songs that have ever been recorded tell the story of what you feel. It is the passion deep inside of you that longs to come out. The thoughts, prayers, heart, and mind that drive your creativity need to come out when you write a song. Then you have written a great song and it will connect with hearts across the world.” Those were the words spoken by Kristi’s mother, Marti Miller.

The Miller’s home in Berea, KY was built by the love of music.  She was raised with a mother who adored singing and playing, and they often played and sang in church. People said they were like the Judds and Marti would laugh and say, “We’re really more like Thelma & Louise.”  Kristi’s father was an award winning songwriter and an avid record collector, she heard thousands of songs. These influences have been applied in developing her art.

At the age of 19, Kristi was asked to go on tour with an independent record label out of Columbus OH and to sign with them. Two weeks before the tour, Kristi’s mother broke her back.  In order to care for her, Kristi cancelled the tour. Just a few weeks later Kristi lost her mother, due to complications from Crohn’s disease. By the time Kristi had healed enough to move on, the opportunity with the label had passed. Kristi persevered in a crash course in life and business as she had to adapt to running the family newspaper, The Seeker Christian News.  She suddenly acquired the duties of selling and designing ads, photography, invoicing and of course, delivering papers, while trying to get her music out to the world and learning to play mandolin and guitar. She has gotten a good start by averaging 150 shows a year and along the way sharing the stage with musical icons, Ralph Stanley, Dale Anne Bradley and Jason Michael Carroll, just to name a few.

Kristi met Dan Sarafini, a phenomenal songwriter and producer in Nashville, and the two instantly knew that they had to work together. Dan had the same drive, and she knew right then that she had found someone with whom she could share chemistry with musically and really make magic happen.

Along the way Kristi has had the opportunity to write or play with some of the most talented people in Music City, such as Carl Jackson, Ashe Underwood, and Kirsti Manna, but never ever forgets her roots. Playing with just her voice and a guitar on the front porch of Nashville Palace Kristi was discovered by Bruce Elrod, the CEO of Cashbox Records and he signed her on the spot. Kristi says, “This is God’s way and Mom’s way of giving me a second chance.” She has been described as a female Brad Paisley, as she delivers the humorous lyrics in Love is Blonde.  She has been called the next Dolly Parton as you can hear the cry in her voice why she sings a song inspired by her mom, Baby McGee, a sequel to the story of Bobby McGee. All of these things encompass the experiences of her life and defines who she is. She is Kristi Miller.

Brandon Brashears
A Sound Decision, INC.