Module 2: Artist Interviews
Linda Rodney

Linda “Chocolate Thunder” Rodney is an amazing talent in the genres of blues, funk and soul!  Linda states that she just has to give 100 percent.  She doesn’t hold back with her voice or her shows.  She says that it just comes out that way – it’s just what she does.

She has sung all her life and feels that it is her calling.  Linda says, “You sing when you’re happy, you sing when you’re said, you sing when you’re up – you sing when you’re down.

People ask Linda where the name Chocolate Thunder came from and she says that she just prayed about it and that’s what came.


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Her grandfather was the type of man that just didn’t like “LOUD” – he didn’t like anything loud… especially loud women.  But Linda says that when she sings, she just sings loud.  She feels that it’s the way she was born to do it.  It just comes out that way.

When you go to a Linda Rodney concert you’re going to get loud, forceful, fun and energetic!  Hence, the name “Chocolate Thunder”.

When Linda writes there’s a purpose behind the lyrics.  And Linda says, “It’s Just To Let The Love of Jesus Flow Out of Me!”  What you see on stage is a blues singer that loves Jesus.  She just gets so happy and excited and just wants to push all of that out to her audiences wherever she performs.

Linda says, “I came from a long line of strong female vocalists. My Grandmother, a former Sunday school teacher put me in the mind of Bessie Smith. My mother and aunts put me in the mind of such artists as Aretha Franklin, Patti Labelle and gospel singers Mahalia Jackson and Shirley Cesar. My Grandpa, Walter (Preach) Sullivan put me in the mind of Muddy Waters. I began singing gospel as early as I can remember. I remember as a little girl in the 60’s (when they still had old hardwood floors in the churches) listening to the old folks keeping rhythm by patting their feet on the old hardwood floors sometimes accompanied by a piano and sometimes just those glorious acappella voices ringing those old gospel songs. At the age of 10 along with my sisters and cousins, I joined the children’s choir. They used to say we sang like little women.

I remember my Aunt Mattie telling me “Linda, don’t stand up there trying to look pretty, get into it, tell the story, sometimes you gotta get ugly with it.” From that day to this, I love to give it all I got. In the past three years of perusing my career in singing the blues, it has been a beautiful and unforgettable ride. It has taken me to California, all the way to Paris, France. I have performed with artists such as Eddy Kirkland, Big Bill Morganfield, Sunny Rhodes, Little Pink Anderson, Cootie Starks, Elmore James Jr., Shrimp City Slim, Sandra Hall, opened for B.B. King, and many others.

In the late 60’s we were what I considered the last of the dinosaurs as you see. Even though we were too little to do so, we still were with my grandmother in the cotton fields picking cotton. I remember thinking somebody please rescue us. This was a new day, a time of empowerment… you know, black power and all that stuff. But now as I look back I wouldn’t take anything in the world for that experience of my early childhood, because now, when I get up to sing, I deliver through those songs the feelings of what I heard and what I saw.”

“You see, I not only can sing the blues, but I also know why we sing it.”
-Linda Rodney


Linda «Chocolate Thunder» Rodney – Jazz à l’année

Interview & performance 2010

Montreal Jazz Festival 2009