Module 2: Artist Interviews
Randy Curry

Randy Curry is a talented songwriter and musician with over 40 years experience writing music and performing around the Midwest in Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas, Colorado and Arkansas.  As stated on the “About” page here at the desire to play music advanced to a whole new level Sunday February 9, 1964 when The Beatles performed two sets on The Ed Sullivan Show.

Randy began writing songs in 1974 while living in Tulsa, OK.  He was heavily influenced by what is known now as classic rock, but back then it was just rock music.  Bands like Deep Purple, James Gang, The Eagles and many others shaped his own personal musical style.

While living in Tulsa from 1974 – 1776 Randy began writing more mellow acoustic guitar music under the influence of James Taylor, Brewer & Shipley, Shawn Phillips, Cat Stevens and others.

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Audio Song Samples

Click on any of the songs below to listen to some of his work.  Be sure to adjust the sound levels on your computer before playing the songs.

Featured are song samples in the categories of:

  • Classic Rock
  • Blues
  • Country
  • Contemporary Christian
  • Pop
  • Symphonic Arrangements
  • Instrumentals

Additional Projects of Randy Curry:

  • Back Into The FoldContemporary Christian
  • Itchy & ThunderSouthern Rock & Roll/Pop Music
  • New FrontierClassic Rock Type Music
  • Cosmic EnergyContemporary Country
  • Prelude To Unconditional LoveSymphonic Instrumentals

Below are 4 Music Videos and 44 audio samples of Randy’s musical styles.  Take a very minutes to enjoy the videos, then scroll down the list of songs to listen to a few of Randy’s song samples.

Music Videos
Takin’ It All Away

Look What You’re Doin’

All That There Is (Video Sample)

Pictures (Video Sample)