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Tom Lodge
Tribute To The Legendary Tom Lodge

Tom Lodge, the legendary DJ of Radio Caroline and author of the book “The Ship That Rocked The World”

Exclusive IMT Audio/Video Interview with Tom Lodge

Below you will find a video excerpt of the IMT interview with Mr. Tom Lodge, March 10, 2012 and Randy Curry.  We are in the process of having this incredible interview made available to our Platinum Members very soon.  Enjoy!

Historical Video of The Ship Radio Caroline

Biography of Mr. Tom Lodge

Information below is from Wikipedia:

Early life

Lodge was a figure in British radio of the 1960s. He was a disc jockey on Radio Caroline. Caroline and other pirates forced the government to deregulate radio, hitherto a monopoly of the BBC. He was the son of the writer Oliver W F Lodge and his wife Diana, and a grandson of the physicist Sir Oliver Lodge, was born Thomas Odoard Marshall Lodge on 16 April 1936, in Tanleather Cottage, Forest Green, Surrey, England. When World War II broke out, his family left England and he was brought up in Maryland and Virginia. At the end of the war he returned with his family to England and lived near Painswick, Gloucestershire. He was educated at Bedales School, England, where he developed his interest in music. He took lessons on the violin and the clarinet and taught himself the guitar and mouth organ, and played the stand up Bass in a four piece skiffle band, called the “Top Flat Ramblers”.

When Lodge was eighteen years old he traveled to Hay River, Northwest Territories and worked by commercial fishing on the Great Slave Lake. While fishing with a colleague, he was blown out into open waters on an ice floe. His friend died, but he was saved by some trappers. He described his adventures in his first book, “Beyond the Great Slave Lake” (published by Cassells 1957 and E.P. Dutton) 1958.

In 1956 he returned to England. He married Jeanine Arpourettes in 1957. They returned to Hay River, Canada, where he ran a fishing business.


In the late 1950s Lodge moved to Yellowknife, where he worked in a goldmine until he joined the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as an announcer on CFYK. On 27 May 1958, a son, Tom Lodge Jr. was born. Tom Jr. is currently (2011) a presenter on Radio Caroline.[1] In 1960 he became the CBC manager for a new radio station CBXH in Fort Smith, N.W.T., until he returned to England as a CBC correspondent. In 1964 Lodge joined England’s first offshore pirate radio station Radio Caroline,[2] as disc jockey and programme director. His book “The Ship that Rocked the World” describes his time there. After the outlawing of the pirate radio ships in 1967 by the Marine Broadcasting Offences Act, he worked as a disc jockey for the BBC on the newly created BBC Radio 1.

In 1968 Lodge became a disc jockey on CHLO, St Thomas, Ontario, Canada, which is now CKDK-FM. In 1970 he founded a creative program at Fanshawe College London, Ontario, Canada, called “Creative Electronics”, which after two years he made into Music Industry Arts, a training program for recording engineers and record producers, and is still operating at Fanshawe College.


In 1975, in California, Lodge began practicing Zen. In January 1998 his Master changed his name to Umi and he began guiding people in Zen. He has an ashram, “Stillpoint Zen Community”, near Santa Cruz, California.[3]

Tom found much peace in the practice of Zen.  Prior to the interview with Randy Curry, founder of Bruce Elrod, President of Cashbox Magazine stated that Tom told him that he was ready to leave this life and was at peace.

Randy Curry said, “As I researched this legendary man of music I was astounded by his determination to help keep the rock & roll sound of the 60s alive through his radio broadcasts.  I am deeply moved and so honored to interview this wonderful human being.  I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to share some of Tom’s finally words as he prepares for the exit of this existence into the next.  Thank You Tom, I Will Cherish Our Time Together For The Rest of My Life.”


  • Beyond the Great Slave Lake, (Cassells, 1958)
  • Beyond the Great Slave Lake, (E.P. Dutton, 1959)
  • Success Without Goals, (Lloyds Mayfair Group, 1992)
  • Circles,Tom Lodge Becoming Umi (Lloyds Mayfair Group, 1993)
  • Footprints in the Snow, (Umi Foundation, 2000)
  • The River and the Raven, (Umi Foundation, 2002)
  • Enlightenment Guaranteed, (Umi Foundation, 2002)
  • The Radio Caroline Story, (Umi Foundation, 2002)
  • The Ship That Rocked The World, How Radio Caroline Defied the Establishment, Launched the British Invasion and Made the Planet Safe for Rock and Roll, (Bartleby Press 2010)[4]
  • God is a Dancer, (Umi Foundation, 2007)
  • The Diamond Sutra with Umi, (Church of Consciousness, 2008)


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“If There’s A Rock & Roll Heaven…”

I am deeply honored to have conducted the last interview with this truly amazing human being.  Tom was suffering terribly from cancer and was in question as to whether or not he would be able to do an interview.

But, in typical Tom Lodge fashion, he mustered his strength and persevered.  The entire interview was 53 minutes, of which for 50 minutes of the interview Tom was transformed back into a young man and told the story of how he came to the Americas during World War II with his family and later came back to Canada at the age of 18 to fulfill his dreams.

As it turned out, Tom’s life took a most interesting turn when he was approached in the Northwest Territory of Canada and was hired to work aboard the ship Caroline.  The rest is Rock & Roll History.

I highly recommend purchasing Tom’s book, “The Ship That Rocked The World!”  You will learn about the chain of events that happened from the British Government banning Rock & Roll and why this crew of so called pirates took to the sea to broadcast the music that changed the world.

As stated above, IMT will be producing the entire interview and make it available to our members here at in the very near future.  So, be sure to subscribe to the IMT “INSIDER” Weekly Newsletter to find out it’s official release date.

As the song goes, “If there’s a rock & roll heaven they’ve got to have a hell of a band”  and you can bet that Tom is having a ball as an honored guest and DJ.  We look forward to seeing you there Tom!  Until then my friend…

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