GEORGE BARRIS (1925-2015)

GEORGE BARRIS (1925-2015)

Image result for GEORGE BARRISLOS ANGELES — George Barris, who was most famous for building TV’s Batmobile but also had a hand in “American Top 40” history, died in his sleep this morning (November 5, 2015). He was 89

According to Wikipedia and wire reports, Barris built the Batmobile on top of a mid-50’s Lincoln Futura that he bought for a dollar. It cost $15,000 to construct the Batmobile, which Barris kept in his collection until selling it in 2013 for $4.62 million. The Batmobile is reportly for sale now…and it can be yours for $5 million.
Meanwhile, there’s actually a connection between George Barris and the very first “American Top 40” show that aired Forth Of July weekend, 1970. He was part of the very first human interest story told by AT40 host Casey Kasem to tie in with song #39, “Silver Bird” by Mark Lindsay. 
Casey teased that story as part of the show’s opening talk, noting that Lindsay owned a “$72,000 Rolls (Royce Phantom Five)…(and) the $10,000 gold hubcaps”…
You can hear Casey’s show-opening tease and the actual quick story 57 seconds into this scoped version of that first AT40 show…
Mark Lindsay told me the story of his car for my book, “American Top 40: The Countdown Of The Century.” Mark recalled, “George Barris, who did the Batmobile for the show ‘Batman’ told me, ‘Let me spiff it up for you’—and he did. All the chrome and hubcaps were gold. I asked him, ‘What’s this gonna cost me, a million bucks?’ He told me, ‘Look, between you and me, I put a ittle bit of gold lacquer in the brass coating, so you can say it’s real gold.’ So there was gold, but I had probably had as much gold in my fillings.”
If you’d like to hear all of the song “Silver Bird,” here it is…
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