His novelty hit records were unique, funny and made us laugh. 

That’s the way we need to remember Dickie Goodman who, sadly, committed suicide 26 years ago Friday. He was 55.
Dickie Goodman left behind a legacy of 17 novelty “flying saucer” hit records that included drop-pieces from then-current hit songs. For instance, you know it’s 1958 when you hear this flying saucer hit…
Need a list of the songs used on “The Flying Saucer Goes West”? Here’s the list in order…
1-Lazy Mary–Lou Monte
2-Good Golly Miss Molly–Little Richard
3-Witch Doctor–David Seville
4-Lazy Mary–Lou Monte
5-Don’t You Just Know It — Huey (Piano) Smith and the Clowns
6-Skinny Minnie–Bill Haley and His Comets
7-Nee Nee Na Na Na Na Nu Nu–Dickie Doo and the Don’ts
8-Dinner With Drac–John Zacherle
9-Breathless– Jerry Lee Lewis
10-I Met Him On A Sunday (Ronde-Ronde)–the Shirelles
11-Tequila–The Champs
There’s two drop-piece answers on Dickie’s records that are my favorites. In “The Flying Saucer,” he asks someone what he’d do if the flying saucer were to land. The answer: “Jump back in the alley” (as part of Little Richard’s “Long Tall Sally”).  In 1977’s “Kong,” when King Kong is asked where he’ll clean himself in New York City, the response is “at the car wash” (as part of “Car Wash” by Rose Royce).
Dickie Goodman’s records were called “flying saucer records” because his breakthrough hit (with partner Bill Buchanan) was CALLED “The Flying Saucer, Parts 1 and 2.” It was a top 10 hit in 1956…and Dickie didn’t have another top 10 hit until “Mr. Jaws” in 1975. That 19-year span in between top 10 hits is believed to still be the record for longest time gap in between pop top 10 hits. Dickie also produced hits for others. For instance, a flying saucer record entitled “Super Fly Meets Shaft” by John and Ernest in 1973 was totally unique–because all of the song clips used were hits by black artists.
Dickie also produced another unique record in the fall of 1971…but for a different reason. “I Ain’t Got Time Anymore” by the Glass Bottle gained more notoriety for what happened to the song on “American Top 40” than the actual record. The song lasted only three weeks in the top 40…and for its first two weeks on AT40, the B side of the record, “The First Time,” was incorrectly played. The only time the song, “I Ain’t Got Time Anymore” got played correctly on AT40 was in its third and final week in the 40 on the October 2, 1971 show. In all, Dickie Goodman released and/or produced at least 80 singles. 
Here’s what I consider the craziest Buchanan and Goodman record…
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