Today In Pop Music History (11-14-2015)


Image result for dean martin photosHe dethroned the Beatles’ “A Hard Day’s Night” at #1 with his first Top 40 hit in five years in the late summer of 1964…with “Everybody Loves Somebody.” The latter song also topped the AC (Adult Contemporary) chart, then known as the Easy Listening chart.

Nevertheless, some people figured what Dino Crocetti did was a fluke.
No way was THAT the case…and this followup hit proved it…
“The Door Is Still Open To My Heart” by Dean Martin climbed to #1 on the AC chart on this day in 1964–51 years ago Saturday. Including this song and “Everybody Loves Somebody,” Dino would take 18 of his first 19 AC hits into the Top 10. Over on the pop chart, he would have over 20 hits in just the 1960’s alone….and nearly 40 for his career (37). All that chart success along with his Matt Helm movies and TV show made him a star throughout the 60’s.
“The Door Is Still Open To My Heart” was a remake from the mid-50’s, when the R&B group the Cardinals took it to #4 on the R&B chart. Don Cornell also recorded it as a B side song.
The King of the Stroll, Chuck Willis, wrote “The Door Is Still Open To My Heart.” You might remember him for this hit that would become Elvis Presley’s first song for his 70’s concerts

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