Today In Pop Music History (11-15-2015)



In the spring of my senior year at Ohio University (around April 1968), the school newspaper (the Ohio University Post) one day had its biggest front page headline about a singer performing locally a tad incorrect.


The headline called the singer “Gleen Campbell.


This same newspaper also once had a headline that announced a clinic dealing with the art of self defense with the words “marital arts” in the headline. IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN “MARTIAL ARTS”!!!
Anyway, about a year and half after the “Gleen Campbell” headline goof, the singer better known as Glen Campbell would top the AC chart on this day in 1969 with this song…
“Try A Little Kindness” was one of eight #1 AC hits for Glen. He told writer Wesley Hyatt that “Kindness” was the most played song on radio in 1969. Glen claimed he wrote the song in part but instead elected to take half of the publishing rights.
Plus, Glen had five albums on the pop LP chart and eight albums on the country LP chart in 1969, all thanks greatly to his TV show that ran from 1969 to 1972.
Al DeLory produced Glen’s hits at the time plus conducted his backup orchestra and arranged the music, too. He would have a Top 10 AC hit of his own in 1970 with this piano instrumental…

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