Today In Pop Music History (11-19-2015)

The Genius
Records A Classic!

The first song Elvis Presley recorded for his then-new label, RCA, in early 1956 wasn’t “Heartbreak  Hotel.”
Or “Don’t Be Cruel.”
Or ‘Hound Dog.”
Instead, it was this song which, believe it or not, was recorded 61 years ago Wednesday (November 18, 1954) by the Genius…
In spite of not making either pop chart that I recognize, “I Got A Woman” by Ray Charles became an integral part of the birth of rock and roll music. It reached #2 on the R&B Best Seller chart. Ten years later in 1965, The Genius finally cracked the pop chart with a live remake. At times, the song has been known as “I’ve Got A Woman.”
“I Got A Woman” was also the very first song heard on the legendary 1970’s “Cruisin’ Series” albums. The “Cruisin’ 1955” LP featuring Jumpin’ George Oxford of KSAN/San Francisco led off with “I Got A Woman.” Those were the LP’s that took us back to the years 1955 to 1967. They sounded like old past broadcasts because they contained commercials and station jingles. Actually, they were recreated broadcasts that were the creation of radio pioneer Ron Jacobs, who helped jumpstart “American Top 40” in 1970. Sadly, when the “Cruisin’ 1955” album made it to CD, “I Got A Woman” was edited out. Here is the entire “Cruisin’ 1955” LP…
Meanwhile, “I Got A Woman” was released as a single by Elvis Presley and it ALSO failed to crack the pop chart. Still, it became part of Elvis’ debut LP entitled “Elvis Presley”
And the song resurfaced when Elvis began to tour in the late 60’s…




Preview YouTube video CRUISIN’ 1955

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